5 Blunders to Avoid While Setting Up a Restaurant

Some of the blunders you need to avoid while establishing a restaurant include:

  1. Setting it up in a non-ideal location: If you set up your restaurant in a non-ideal location, you will have a very hard time getting people to start patronizing it. You have to understand that restaurants are the sorts of businesses that customers just walk in to. So you need to set up your restaurant in a location with lots of foot traffic. Then you can be sure that some of the people who see the restaurant’s sign while passing nearby will be inclined to venture inside and buy whatever you are selling.
  2. Not knowing who your target market is: It is only when you know who your target market is that you would be in a position to figure out what to cook (and what not to cook), and how to price your food. Just as prepaid card issuers (like the ones behind the PrepaidCardStatus portal ) tailor their products for specific market segments, so are restaurant operators expected to work with clear target markets.
  3. Ignoring some legal requirements: This may lead to a situation where your restaurant is closed down [and you are subjected to a legal process] just a short while after starting the business. Your competitors may also instigate raids against you, if they discover that there is some legal requirement you omitted. So it is better to do everything  by the book.
  4. Starting out with non-experienced staff: Admittedly, hiring experienced people at the outset can be too expensive. But it is not something you can avoid – for if you start out with non-experienced staff, you will end up losing even more money in the long run.
  5. Not training your staff properly: If you fail to train your restaurant’s staff properly, it will be very hard for them to understand what exactly is expected of them by the customers. This is in turn likely to lead to poor customer service standards, which could ultimately ruin the business. Even if you [as a new restaurant owner] are unable to train your restaurant’s staff on the operational aspects, at least get them to understand what exactly is expected of them. This would be with respect to things like how you want the various dishes to look and taste, how fast you want the customers to be served, how courteously you want the customers to be served… and so on.

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