Connecting a Restaurant to a L Brands Store

I have already mentioned, in a previous blog post, that I am in the process of setting up a restaurant next to a L Brands store. In fact, my vision goes further: I am actually aiming at connecting the restaurant to the L Brands store. I am aiming for a situation where the L Brands employees (or ‘associates’, going by references) would be mostly eating at my restaurant. I am also aiming at a situation where the people who come to shop at the L Brands store would be mostly dining at my restaurant. My projections show me that the combination of L Brands customers and L Brands employees would be enough to keep my business up and running…

To get the L Brands store employees to be eating at my restaurant, I am planning on selling the dishes at very pocket-friendly prices. I know that most of the L Brands store employees are likely to be people of modest means. Thus if I sell food at high prices, chances are that they won’t be able to afford it. Or, at best, they would only be able to afford it once in a while. To get them to be having their meals at my restaurant, I have to adopt pocket-friendly pricing, and that is exactly what I will be doing. I could also create special discounts for the L Brands employees.

On the other hand, to get the L Brands stores customers to be eating at my restaurant, I am planning to preparing truly high quality dishes, and serving them in a classy, relaxed environment. I have figured out that most of the people who shop at L Brands are individuals who are fairly well off. Therefore to get them to love my restaurant, I need to be offering high quality dishes, in good ambience.

I am also planning on having my restaurant’s signboard/banner conspicuously visible from the entrance of the L Brands store. The idea is to draw the people who happen to be at the L Brands store (employees and customers) into my restaurant.

Setting Up a Restaurant Next to a L Brands Store

Would it be a good idea to set up a restaurant next to a L Brands store? That is the question posed to me last week by my friend, who runs a chain of restaurants in our city. Apparently, the building adjacent to the local L Brands store has fallen vacant, and he is considering leasing it and setting up a restaurant there.

In my view, setting up a restaurant next to a L Brands store is a brilliant idea, and I told him as much. I then proceeded to give him some 3 reasons as to why, in my view, it would be good for him go ahead and set up the restaurant next to the L Brands store.

Firstly, L Brands stores tend to be located in places where there is good flow of traffic. Some of the people coming to shop at L Brands may want to dine after shopping – and that could translate into a solid customer base.

Secondly, the people who frequent L Brands stores tend to be individuals who are financially well-heeled. So these are the sorts of individuals with the purchasing power necessary to keep a restaurant running. Like, for instance, if someone ventured into the L Brands store with a view to buy clothes worth $200, but ended up spending $170, they may not mind spending the $30 they’d have ‘saved’ in a restaurant — if they happen to ‘bump’ into one close by.

Thirdly, the L Brands stores tend to employ considerable numbers of people. Those are people who can be the restaurant’s customers. Like if the L Brands store happens to have 100 employees, and you manage to convert just half of them into regular customers, that would translate into 50 regular customers to start with. Some of them may admittedly be frugal spenders, based on the paychecks they get through the aces hr portal. Nonetheless, the little they spend on a regular basis can eventually add up to a considerable amount of money in the long run.